Last Argument of Kings

The Last Confession

Part 1 – The Beginning – where all good stories start

The apothecaries have left me for the moment, I was getting sick of them hovering like great white buzzards over my broken body

But I suppose they are there to serve their purpose
Just like us all

Guided by our fathers hand

I must not have much time left

It is time to break the silence and tell my Chapter Master what almost happened on his doorstep.

Those whom were there believe it all occurred on the outset of the Achilus Crusade however on reflection the foundations were made during my Second tour with the Deathwatch

The Jericho Expanse had been lost to the Imperium for so long that it had almost faded from memory, it was believed to be completely cut off and inaccessible so you can imagine my surprise when I received orders to be stationed there.

The Deathwatch knew of a way into the Jericho Sector – now known as the Jericho Reach and they had been keeping the Watch Fortress’ in the area manned ever since the Fall of Night enveloped the region.

I was assigned to a Kill Team that had recently lost a member fighting a new Xenos foe – the great devouring Tyranids. It took some time to mesh with my fellow battle brothers but after mission after mission against the Tyranids encroaching on the eastern part of the sector I was finally part of the Kill Team, even being named Squad Leader – I was full of pride, but that, unfortunately, is not always a good thing.



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