Last Argument of Kings

The Last Confession

Part 2 - The Start of the Slope

What would you do if a battle brother accuses another brother of treachery?

What would you do if the accusation was against your whole team?

We had pushed back the seemingly never ending tide of Tyranids pouring into the Reach and in the brief respite had been rotated back to Erioch.
We waited and waited for another mission, spending days down in the bestiary fighting xenos we had never encountered before.
The others urged me to take up our drought with the Watch Captain, while it was my responsibility I lost some respect for my brothers as they appeared to be afraid our the Blood Angel Librarian – unfortunately I found out much later why.
I never got a chance to approach Mikhael because he found me – we had a mission – to investigate Eldar activity in the northern sector, apparently the Eldar had not been in or near the Reach in thousands of years.



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