Exorcist Librarian


A noticibly Pale specimen of a Space Marine, There is something off about Míchaël but it’s difficult to pinpoint what it is, it may be the palid complection or eyes that are as black as the void, Pupil and Iris alike. But anybody who actually contemplates it feels that it’s something more, they just can’t finger what it is.

Míchaël wears The Folly of Eidolon a Maximus (Mk IV) set of power armor and wields a chapter force staff, topped by a Horned Skull, the Chapter’s Symbol. He also carries a book, bound in adamantium and held by chains, said to hold every oath he has ever taken


The Ordo Mallus, with whom the Exorcists are often directed by, have been plagued by the bureaucratic movements of Ordo Xenos alleging that they knowingly and willfully consort with many a Xenos Race (To assist their ends cleansing the universe of Daemons and Daemonic taint)
As a part of their placations to the Ordo Xenos, the Ordo Mallus have started offering members of the Exorcists for use by the Deathwatch. Dually this is to bolster the ranks of the deathwatch, and to have any Exorcists that return spread the understanding of how to more efficiantly kill the Xenos that they sometimes face in their dealings. Some who would lower themselves to idle gossip however whisper that this is a ploy by the Ordo Mallus to plant spies and garner knowledge of how best they can get away with their deealings, even using the knowledge to ensure their dealings become more fruitful


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