Giovanni di Bellamine

Sergeant Giovanni di Bellamine, Eighth Company, Fourth Squad.


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+record B##/ast/.017/8%4/BA-GIO-AP+
+record dated 4.712.M41+

re: subject A-17
Subject A-17 was one of 23 aspirants chosen during the 710.M41 Feast of Blood upon Baal Secundus. When transferred by the Master of Recruits to the Sanguine Temple, subject A-17 was suffering from blood loss, mild radiation poisoning, seven malignant tumours and a gunshot wound to the left bicep suffered within the Trials. Initial surgical work to remove cancers was successful. Gunshot wound had reached an advanced stage of infection, likely due to toxic agent stored within shell. Initial medicae scans of infected area indicated no agents that would impair the Rites of Sanguinius.
Subject A-17 was interred within his Sarcophagus on 007.711.M41 along with the remaining survivng aspirants. Transference of the Blood of Sanguinius was completed with no complications. Subject A-17 showed all signs of reverence fitting his station.
The Rite of Becomming proceeded with few complications. On 328.711.M41, the Sarcophagus was broached to provide surgical correction of Implant XVI which had auto-reacted to the hypnotraining provided for Implant XII, causing mass deployment of Mucranoid Sealant. Minor cyber-enhancement of the Neocortal hormone glands installed to grant active control over Implant XVI.
On 008.712.M41, subject A-17 retrieved from sarcophagus and examined. All genetic alteration confirmed as successfull and subject A-17 officially advanced to Subject B-8. Due to unusually large number of casualties during the Rite of Sanguinius, Subject B-8 kept under observation for three days and nights, as decreeded by the Liber Vitae. During this time Subject B-3, B-7 and B-10 all suffered rapid muscular collapse due to a hormonal imbalance in the Biscopea. Subject B-8 and six (6) remaining neophytes transferred to the Reclusiarchy for initial indoctrination.

+record B##/ast/.017/8%4/BA-GIO-AP+
+record dated 4.712.M41+

The Neophytes of 712 have but recently left my care and are all fit for duty. Of the seven, three requested to undergo the Trial of Rebirth immediately. Di Bellamine was one of the remaining four, choosing to keep his mortal name for the period of his initiation.

Di Bellamine is of sanguine humour and sharp wit. He often sought to challenge my opinion on matters of combat tactics and strategy, especially in regards to the necesity of tactical withdrawals, and was not sullen in punishment. It is unlikely he will be suitable to follow further training to join the Reclusiarchy, but he does carry himself with the honour and pride expected of our traditions. It can only be hoped that time will bring him humility to match. I heartily recommend placing Di Bellamine within an assault squad as soon as possible, as his fire will serve him well in that role.

+record B##/ast/.017/8%4/BA-GIO-AP+
+record dated 4.715.M41+

But for a few incidences, Brother Giovanni has held himself with honour during his time with the X company. As with many raw recruits, he found it difficult to rein in his more savage nature during his first few years. He has learned to better rein in his sanguine humours to an acceptable degree.

During the Purge of Callos [CROSS REF+ inq./x/.9982/callos] Brother Giovanni and his squad were hit directly by an Ork energy weapon whilst travelling to capture a strategic location via Land Speeder. The Land Speeder was destroyed, along with the majority of the initiates embarked upon it. Brother Giovanni survived with minor injuries due to being thrown clear before the anti-grav plates on the Land Speeder imploded, detonating the supply of Cerberus Missiles on board. Brother Giovanni managed to return from behind enemy lines after rendezvouing with friendly astartes crusade forces. After this incident and the high mortality rate in the initiates who were brought into the Blood alongside him, Brother Giovanni has gained a reputation as being exceptionally difficult to kill. This reputation has led to a number of rash acts on his behalf, such as the destruction of the looted Rhino used to transport the Overkiller Groknaz, the assassination of the Witch of Bressia, and the destruction of the Heldenholm Mag-lev rail cult. In these campains, especially during the Hubwards Station massacre during the Heldenholm campaign where he lead three scout squads in the field as part of standard command training, Brother Giovanni pushed the boundries of Codex tactics of when to retreat, preferring to over extend himself in the field. It is my belief that Brother Giovanni developed this habit during the Purge of Callos where he spent a significant part of the campaign seperated from the X company, fighting along side the Imperial Fist chapter.
Despite these flaws, it is my belief that Brother Giovanni is suitable to be promted to the rank of full Brother Marine and advanced to a Devastator squad where we can only hope that his natural humours are tempered towards restraint.

Giovanni di Bellamine

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