Lord Commissar Lucius Wrath


Tall (for a human) middle aged man, short black hair greying around the edges, his face is full and unmarked except for a furrow of wrinkle across his brow as if in perpetually worry

His uniform is a standard Lord Commissar uniform, well kept but utilitarian with half a dozen decoration adorning the chest – for bravery, honour, valour etc

He carries an ornate power sword and a bolt pistol


He has taken overall command of the Commissariat forces on Pyrathas due to low moral amongst the ground forces as rumours of Warboss Gutsmasher run rife through the ranks

Unfortunately moral has sunk so low there appears to be little himself and the other commissars can do to halt it – whoever the arrival of the Deathwatch on Pyrathas has greatly lifted his spirits and his hopes for success

Lord Commissar Lucius Wrath

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