Watch Captain Romulus Perlmarnius


Dirty blond hair in short military stlye, clean shaven except for a small gottee and bright blue eyes. His features are only marred by a line of twisted scar tissue running from his left ear down his jaw line and stopping just before his chin

His armour is standard Mk 7 Aquilla Power Armour, recently painted Deathwatch black but his old Ultramarine Pauldron remains untouched

There are several superficial areas of battle damage on this armour, left greave, lower chest and right arm – not quite buffed out and left as a testament to major engagements

He is armed at all times with a Bolt pistol, Chainsword and the standard armament of grenades


A decorated Ultramarine Captian, he is currently on a third ‘Tour of Duty’ with the Deathwatch in Jericho Reach – this time as a Watch Captain in charge of several raw Deathwatch Kill Teams.

He is stoic and above reproach but despite being quite young the many battles he has fought are slowly bringing out the base desire of leadership among all Ultramarines

Watch Captain Romulus Perlmarnius

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