Ottmar's Plate and the Helm of the Bastion


Ottmar’s plate is painted black to signify his current service with the Deathwatch. The Mark VI Pauldron and the left knee plate are painted the yellow of the chapter, with the chapter symbol displayed on the knee pad. The right knee plate is painted blue to signify his service amongst the librarian ranks. Ottmar also has the red trimming on his pauldrons to show he is from the Imperial Fists 3rd company.


Brother Librarian Ottmar’s battle plate is a fairly standard set of Mark VII Aquilla armour, with two exceptions.

The first is the left pauldron of the plate. It has been replaced with a Mark VI component that has been kept with the suit by Brother Ottmar, refusing to have it replaced by the chapter artificers. The shoulder pad was used to replace the damaged component of the original suit during a protracted siege of a fortress world near the eye of terror belonging to the hated Iron Warriors. During this conflict, Ottmar got a fleeting glimpse of a terror beyond words atop the enemy battlements. Directing his troops was a being of vile, malevolence that could only be the Daemon Prince Perturabo. The vision of that horror haunts Brother Ottmar’s dreams and he keeps the studded pauldron as a mark to remember the horror he saw on that barren world.

Secondly, the helm of this suit is a chapter relic, and incredibly old. It is from an ancient set of Mark II armour, named the Bastion, which dates back to the earliest days of the seventh legion. Most notably, it was worn by Brother Sergeant Thaddeus Ralt, who stood shoulder to shoulder with his brother Legio Astartes at the Eternity Gate during the Siege of Terra. Ralt witnessed the beloved Sanguinius breaking the back of a greater Bloodthirster over his knee. It is said that the autosenses can still give false reading of two winged figures moving almost too fast to see. The machine spirit in the helm is a strong and wilful one and, as such, is only worn by those who have proven to be strong willed. Specifically, those amongst the ranks of the librarians. This helm was gifted to Brother Ottmar on his ascension to the rank of Codicier. Ottmar rarely goes un-helmed in combat areas, preferring the wearing the helm as a mark of pride.

Ottmar's Plate and the Helm of the Bastion

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