The Folly of Eidolon

Power Armor


MK IV “Maximus” Power Armour, with Mechanicus sanctioned gauntlet modifications for improved finesse in Melee.
As many of the older suits, The Folly of Eidolon has some pieces that have been replaced once they can no longer be repaired, The chestplate and helmet now look like the current MK VII “Aquila” Armour.
As now a part of the Deathwatch the Armour is painted black but for the Right Shoulderpad, A Deep Red with Bone coloured Horned Skull.
The Armour is Etched with Hexagrammic wards, but still all black giving the Armour a textured look.


In the first landing of the Exorcists, before they were a true chapter, This armour was deployed, worn by a company commander of very unexperienced astartes sent down onto the Daemon world of Eidolon.
This unremembered company commander had complete success until the moment he overextended himself into a trap with his company right behind him. The moment the last battle brother entered the dead-end it was closed with a massive rockslide. Reports say there was over a dozen Bloodthirsters, the greatest of which was twice the size of the rest. Bloody and Bleeding from daemonicly infected wounds the bearer of the armor climbed the broken behemoth, that which had taken the sacrifice of whole squads just to bring low, and went to slay the beast.
His last moments were entombed in the memory of all who were left standing, As he brought his mighty Thunderhammer to bare on the creatures skull over and over to bring it’s death, the creature dropped the great Daemonic Axe it had lifted. The Axe fell and cleft him in two.

Centuries of repair couldn’t fix what those who wore the armor kept advising their techmarines; Where the Axe had split before would always be doomed to open again, so finally the armorers of the chapter replaced it with new Mk VII plates.
The Machine Spirit still remembers though, if the astartes tries to ssue orders, the spirit of the armor garbles or adds static, the external vox casters have even been know to flare to life to interrupt an order if the marine tries to take of his helm to do so.

The Folly of Eidolon

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